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Do you want some FREE WALL ART to Help bring more Positivity & Creativity into your Life & home?

Loved by over 39,000 people already, my FREE ART offer is live for the SECOND and FINAL time until stocks last.

Now with brand new artwork & 8 pieces to choose from.

And more!
And More!

Trusted And Recognised By

Trusted And Recognised By

What you get

1x FREE Art Print

My artwork is bright, bold, highly intricate and detailed. So each time you look at, you're bound see something different and fall in love with it every single time. (Or so I've been told!)

Each piece is printed on the highest quality 350gsm Silk Board Card by a small, local and independent printing company. You're not only supporting me, but supporting a small printing company in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Perfectly packaged and ready to frame as soon as it drops through your letterbox.

The size of the prints are 8x6inch. The perfect size to place anywhere and brighten your home.
*These physical prints are free only on this offer (I sell them for £15 normally), I'll take the hit on the cost of  the material and printing so you can enjoy some of my work for free. All I ask is you please cover the small Post and Packing fee to ensure it arrives with you in good time and good condition.

My Mission & Message

During the height of the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, my first free art offer took the world by storm.

My message was clear. Spread positivity and creative inspiration into the lives as many people as possible.

I did this by offering my art prints for free.

With my first release, over 39,000 people from the UK and USA claimed my art prints, sparking in excess of 1,200 positive reviews from across the globe. With that came features in the Evening Courier and collaborations with Specialist Crafts and High Street retailer, Ted Baker.

Since closing my first offer down at the end of August 2020, I've been working on brand new artwork.

I'm back again for a limited time to offer my prints for free again, this time with new artwork. I'm also now offering 8 prints, instead of the original 6 on my first release

What People Are Saying

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Join all these guys plus over 39,000 more people by getting a free print of my art today

Moments 2.0

Free Art Print Collection

"Each piece in the Moments 2.0 collection is a representation of a feeling or action that I've experienced, that's allowed me to pursue my dreams and escape a life that no longer served me.

I want this collection to inspire others to take action where they feel they need to. 
Specifically, those who might not be in the best place mentally or physically."

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Size - 8x6inch
£15 now £0.00
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Size - 8x6inch
£15 now £0.00

Nicole Marie

"I ordered a free print that came really quickly in the mail and was packaged perfectly. It really is stunning! I highly recommend checking out and supporting his work!! He also checks in through emails which are super friendly as well."

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Size - 8x6inch
£15 now £0.00
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Size - 8x6inch
£15 now £0.00

Fiona Rowe

"Love my free print so much. Can’t wait to get it framed & on the wall. Great service from Lloyd, very quick delivery & the quality of the print is amazing. I will be back, thank you 💜"

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Size - 8x6inch
£15 now £0.00
tap image to see larger version


Size - 8x6inch
£15 now £0.00

Mary Barrett

"Got my free print - it is gorgeous, so beautiful! Well packaged, it arrived in perfect condition, and I've already found a great place for it in my bedroom. I'd like to order more, as soon as I can figure out where to put them. Highly recommend looking at and falling in love with your favorite piece as I did."

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Size - 8x6inch
£15 now £0.00
tap image to see larger version


Size - 8x6inch
£15 now £0.00


Lloyd Coenen is an abstract artist most recognised for his vibrant and detailed fluid and acrylic art work, as well as his openness in his artistic processes and battles with creative anxieties.

Born and raised in West Yorkshire, England, Lloyd has been creating and showcasing his artwork since 2017. Lloyd works mainly with expressive medium such as acrylic mixing and pouring. In his childhood, Lloyd kept his artistic talents to himself due to his internal anxieties. These held him back from showing the world what he was capable of. Challenged by these barriers, 2017 was his year to break them and become the artist he was meant to be. His artwork today is created through his strength of overcoming anxiety. 

Lloyd has no formal creative qualifications, just a love for what he does and the persistence to continue creating expressive, fun art work and sharing it with the world.

Lloyd's openness in his work and work's process shows the world that his art is not just about the end creation, it's about the struggle that comes beforehand, the story it tells today and the messages it puts out into the world. Lloyd's message is very simple….

"Do something that makes you happy & do that for the rest of your life."

FREquently asked questions

Why are the prints free?
There's two reasons

1. Lloyd's wanting to spread some creativity and positivity with the world. By offering his prints for free, he hopes most people can get involved and bring some well needed positivity into their lives. Times have been crazy and rough over the past 6 months. This is his way of bringing some joy into the world.

2. Although Lloyd is making a loss offering these for free, he hopes for it to pay off in the long run. He hopes that by putting his best foot forward and giving you some beautiful and detailed art work for free, you might come back and purchase something else or commission him to create something bespoke to help support him. There's no pressure to do that though. 
What size are the prints?
The free prints are 8x6inch in size. This is a standard print size so there are many frame options available online and on the high street.
How long will it take to receive my print?
Orders are flying in for these right now and I'm working hard to get them out ASAP.
Currently, It's looking at around 7 days from when you order for it to arrive through your letterbox.
I do please ask to allow up to 14 days for it to arrive before contacting me though. (this is due to some continued delays due to covid)
This sounds too good to be true, is it real?
This is as real as real gets! These physical prints are free only on this offer (I sell them for £15 normally on my main website), If you have any concerns, you can look at all the positive feedback I've had from 1000s of people on my review page here
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